What People Are Saying

  • An L.
    We love Nerissa! She is amazing with our child, ever encouraging yet putting challenges and goals to get her patient to commit to the treatment and exercises. Very knowledgeable, Nerissa worked very well with our orthodontist and oral surgeon to coordinate a treatment plan, and helped us with our post-surgery recovery. We highly recommend her!
    An L.
  • Risa W.
    My 8 year old son began working with Nerissa to address a tongue tie that impacted his orthodontics. Within a month of meeting with Nerissa we noticed improvement in my son’s jaw line and cleaner eating habits. Since my son’s tongue tie surgery, he has full range of motion with his tongue and the exercises Nerissa taught him have helped him maintain full tongue ability. Thank you, Nerissa!
    Risa W.
  • Albert M.
    Since, I attended Nerissa breathing seminar, I've learned so much! She has helped me Sleep a lot Better! I recommend you reach out, and ask to teach you breathing techniques! It works for me!.... it can work for you, too.
    Albert M.
  • Emily S.
    Nerissa is very thorough and she easily relates to kids at different age levels. My son learned a lot from Nerissa and he made great improvement before and after surgery, thanks to her.
    Emily S.
  • Laney W.
    Nerissa is an incredibly kind, knowledgeable and passionate practitioner. My son was tongue tied and she has guided his process and therapy through a frenectomy. My son actually looks forward to seeing her each week for his treatment! She knows her stuff and her work has been transformational in my son's development
    Laney W.
  • AP
    Healthy breathing and sleep are fundamental elements of self-care. We learned that through myofunctional sciences we can take our personal approach to our work to a higher level. Advance Peace works to create healthier, safer and more just communities. We can't do this effectively if we are not breathing well, eating well, sleeping well, and living well. If you are engaged in self-care activities without this correct basic human function, you are engaging in fundamentally flawed practice. Thank You Nerissa for working with us to improve safety in our communities.
  • Marie R-A.
    Nerissa is awesome! She is super patient and professional. My daughter was reluctant to start orofacial therapy, but Nerissa was able to connect to her, and the results are fantastic! We did a combo of in-person and zoom sessions. Nerissa is a truly nice person and I enjoyed getting to know her.
    Marie R-A.